Video Drain Inspection

One of our more technical areas of service offered is the video drain inspection. At Meeks Plumbing, we are able to use advanced video equipment that allows us to camera active sewer and drain lines.

A sewer camera looks like a snake and functions very similarly. On the tip there is a small infrared camera that transmits a video feed of the interior of the pipe. A plumber can then look at the camera feed and determine what the problem is and the best method of fixing it.
This is an extremely helpful tool when attempting to diagnose drainage problems. By performing a video inspection, we are able to determine if the drain lines are cracked, back pitched, or if an obstruction exists. Many times, drain lines become blocked by roots which grow inside the pipe.
When performing a video drain line inspection, we are able to save our customers time and money by properly diagnosing the problem. We are also able to record the footage so the homeowner or property management is able to view the actual problem.