Gas Line Installation

One of our many services that we provide here at Meeks Plumbing, Inc. is the installation of Propane and Natural Gas lines for residential homes and commercial businesses. When installing gas lines, we are concerned with both your safety and ours. We are licensed to install gas lines and we employ trained professionals with the knowledge and ability to do so properly.

Propane heats significantly faster, and uses less energy, than electricity. In fact, every time you replace an electric appliance with a propane one, you could save up to 50% – or more – on the energy you use to run that appliance! Propane is the smart alternative to electric. Propane makes sense because it costs so much less than electricity, installs easily, and is environmentally friendly. It offers the perfect energy solution for water heating, space heating, cooking, clothes drying, gas logs and fireplaces, pool heaters, generators, gas lamps, and patio heaters. So pull the plug on your electric appliances, conserve more energy, and start saving today!
Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel. Because the combustion process for natural gas is almost perfect, very few byproducts are emitted into the atmosphere as pollutants. Because natural gas burns cleanly, it doesn't leave behind any unpleasant soot, ash, or odors. Also, Natural gas is non-toxic. If inhaled in small amounts natural gas is not poisonous or harmful to humans. Economically, Natural gas costs less to use in your home than electricity, heating oil, propane or kerosene. On average, electricity costs almost four times more than natural gas. Also, Natural gas water heaters recover up to 40% faster than electric models.